Does your Will need a Health Check?

During these uncertain times I’ve come to understand that there is an overriding feeling amongst the clients I have been speaking to that it is important to be prepared and safe in the knowledge that their Will is up to date and their loved ones will be looked after. Making a Will does not mean … Continue reading Does your Will need a Health Check?

Corporate Restructure – a way forward?

In the life of a corporate entity, restructuring of the company or its group is sometimes the best way of achieving a desired business objective. Circumstances occasioning a restructuring might include: a new management or ownership team taking over the business; the company is facing economic uncertainty; needing to separate out the trading business and … Continue reading Corporate Restructure – a way forward?

Residential Property Update

It has been just over 2 months now since the property market was able to open again after the initial lockdown. Although things obviously cannot return to exactly how they were before, changes to processes have been made and the property industry is up and running again. Naturally because of lockdown there was a build-up … Continue reading Residential Property Update

Break notices

In these uncertain times tenants may be looking at their leases to see whether or not they have a right to terminate early. The lease must be examined in order to ascertain whether or not there is a break right and, if there is, very careful attention must be paid to the terms of the … Continue reading Break notices

More welcome Covid-19 assistance for commercial tenants

On 19th June the government published a Code of Practice dealing with commercial property negotiations between landlords and tenants during the Covid-19 pandemic (Code). The Code will apply until 24 June 2021. The Code is voluntary but should assist businesses when they are discussing ongoing rental payments with their Landlords. It is hoped that most … Continue reading More welcome Covid-19 assistance for commercial tenants

No Fault Divorce Given Green Light

No-fault divorce has been given the green light as the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill cleared the final stages of parliamentary scrutiny in the House of Commons. It culminates a 30-year campaign by Resolution, the national family justice body, to end the requirement for couples to assign fault in order to be granted a divorce. … Continue reading No Fault Divorce Given Green Light

Am I a director?

Whilst you may not use ‘director’ within your job description or believe yourself to be a director, there are circumstances in which you could still be classed as one. If this is the case, you will have statutory duties and obligations to adhere to. There are three types of director, a de jure director, de … Continue reading Am I a director?

No fault divorce – the dawn of a new age

The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill, received its Second Reading in the House of Commons yesterday. The headline effect of the Bill, if passed, would mean a party to a marriage wishing to divorce would no longer need to allege fault (adultery or behaviour) or desertion, in order to begin the divorce proceedings immediately. As … Continue reading No fault divorce – the dawn of a new age

Sold, selling or considering a sale of your business?

A few things you should consider due to Covid-19 Corporate transactions have understandably been affected by Covid-19 but it is not just current transactions that will be affected by the current economic uncertainty; future transactions and those that have already completed should also be considered. Current Transactions For anyone currently negotiating a sale or purchase … Continue reading Sold, selling or considering a sale of your business?

Settlement Agreement guide for employees

Step by step – Settlement Agreements – Guide for Employees During the Covid-19 Lockdown Period To be valid, a Settlement Agreement requires the Employee to obtain independent legal advice setting out the consequences of signing such an Agreement. This is something we can assist with. So, what happens after you contact us? 1 The first … Continue reading Settlement Agreement guide for employees