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A day in the life of a Family Solicitor

When asked what a Family lawyer does, a common response is that we help people on the breakdown of their relationships. Delve a little further and that can entail dealing with a divorce petition, or assisting with regards to dividing up the assets from a marriage, or helping to iron out any difficulties one parent may be experiencing in being able to spend time with their child or children. As is often the case, there will be a lot of cross-over between the areas we are working on, on any given case.

Some cases will be resolved on a voluntary basis, with one or both parties having the assistance of a family law expert. Other cases may need judicial intervention, and issuing an application at Court does not necessarily always happen at the outset, but may need to be done as a case evolves. Others involve the parties engaging in mediation, and the level of assistance they need from their lawyer may depend on what discussions are taking place at any one time.

This does not though give an insight into what we might be doing on a daily basis. No two cases are ever the same. Any case comes with its own unique set of circumstances which direct how it will proceed.

Our team of family law experts here at Clarke and Son are currently engaged on a wide variety of cases, some with relatively straightforward matters that need attention, and others that are complex. Some of our current cases will conclude within 6 months or so of us being instructed, whilst others have been going on for much longer, and may still not conclude for some time.

A handful of examples of what we are currently working on are:

  • One parent questioning the lifestyle choices of the other;
  • Questions about what the actual assets were to the marriage;
  • International issues on divorce but also with regards to child arrangements;
  • Allegations of domestic violence;
  • Whether a Court Order made some years ago is still fit for purpose in relation to an on-going obligation to provide financial support;
  • Divorces where the parties have simply grown apart, where some have been together for many years, whilst others have been together for only a few years.

Our team of family law experts at Clarke and Son, are at hand to assist, so do feel free to call us for a confidential chat, where we can discuss the options open to you, and which options may be best suited for you, given the nature of the issue you are facing.

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