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Divorce hotel claims to help you split in one weekend

Andrea Boulter, Senior Family Law Solicitor

There is a temptation these days to ‘cut out the middle man’ in any divorce proceedings with a view to saving money and stress. The new trend for quickie divorces and indeed coming to a conclusion over one weekend may be very alluring for couples about to split. We would urge would urge considerable caution, however, as spouses may find outcomes reached in a hurry without the care of their own dedicated, local  and experienced family law solicitor are not necessarily  the best outcomes and in some cases can be devastating in the future. No one should make such decisions about their future under pressure nor should this be encouraged.

We recommend that separating spouses take the most considered approach to achieve a fair, cost effective and practically sensible outcome for themselves and any children involved. Deciding in haste when emotions are at their height and when professional advice from lawyers, pension professionals, estate agents, surveyors, tax specialists and mortgage specialists has yet to been obtained may mean regret and conflict in the months and years following and it may mean difficult financial circumstances in the years to come.

The champagne is on ice and a king-size bed beckons invitingly after a sumptuous evening meal.

But this is one luxury resort where romance is probably not on the cards. The reason? It’s Britain’s first divorce hotel.

Cashing in on the growing trend for quickie divorces, it offers an exclusive package allowing warring couples to untie the knot over a single weekend, with mediators and lawyers on hand to sort out the terms and draw up the paperwork.

Read more: http://dailym.ai/2nJEmB2

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