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Do Grandparents have the right to see their grandchildren?

Andrea Boulter, Senior Family Law Solicitor –

When a couple separates, it is important not to forget the role of grandparents and their connection to their grandchildren.  This article discusses what rights grandparents have if their child divorces from their spouse and they are unable to see their grandchildren as much as they would like.

Grandparents can be extremely useful to new parents in offering advice, emotional support and free childcare, but a growing number of them are frustrated by a lack of access to their grandchildren, typically shut out due to a breakdown in family relations.

With the cost of raising children being substantial not only at home but also once they’ve left, it’s no surprise that many young families are happy to let grandparents help out. And it’s not simply about reducing childcare costs – research undertaken in 2014 indicated that one in five parents would be forced to give up employment if their parents could not assist with childcare.

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