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Do I have a claim on my late grandfather’s war diaries?

Nia Wharry, Partner & Head of Wills & Estate Planning

– When there is a valuable or sentimental item that has not been specified in a Will, it can sometimes be tricky to come to an amicable decision amongst the family. This article discusses what happens when an item is not covered under the terms of a Will and whether the person with a Power of Attorney for a surviving spouse can have any claim over the estate.

I want my late grandfather’s war diaries, but my aunt refuses – can I make her hand them over because my mother is the eldest sibling?

My grandfather died decades ago in South Africa. My grandmother and then my aunt dealt with and kept all of his effects. My grandmother is in a home but has dementia and the same aunt has power of attorney. My aunt is the youngest of three children. The oldest is my mother, who is alive.

On a recent trip to South Africa my mother requested that my aunt give me my grandfather’s war diaries. She refused.

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