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Does your Will need a Health Check?

During these uncertain times I’ve come to understand that there is an overriding feeling amongst the clients I have been speaking to that it is important to be prepared and safe in the knowledge that their Will is up to date and their loved ones will be looked after.

Making a Will does not mean that the job is ticked off the ‘to do list’ forever. It is advisable to review a Will every 5 years or so, or when there is a significant change in your life. This might be because you have got married, had children, or you now have grandchildren in your life. It might be that someone has died, you have inherited money or sold a business. Whatever the circumstances you must ensure that your Will remains valid and current.

Did you know, for example, that when you get married, it cancels any former Will that you have previously had in place? This could be significant to your family members who you had previously provided for by a Will that is no longer valid.

Did you make a Will a number of years ago including a friend you are no longer in contact with? Or leave your estate to friends or family members, when now it would be more appropriate to be left to your children?

It is so important to remember that a Will protects your most important assets. Without one matters can be complicated and your assets may not pass to those you would chose.

If you have a Will stored with Clarke & Son, we offer a Will Health Check; a 30-minute appointment to ensure that everything is in order.

If you would like to speak to a member of our Wills & Estate Planning team please call 01256 320555 or email mail@clarkeandson.co.uk.

Claire Redhead

Wills & Estate Planning Partner

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