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Flexible and Competitive Funding Solutions

Hello and welcome to my 5th blog of the year!

In addition to wanting an experienced solicitor representing my clients, costs will also be a serious factor that has to be taken into consideration. Legal fees of any kind can end up being exorbitantly high and this is even more difficult when the money comes out of the family assets.

Celebrities are known for spending large amounts of money on legal fees during their divorces – in the case of Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton this totalled a whopping £800,000! However for Russian Oligarchs who pay out £2.7 billion settlements to their wives (Dmitry Rybolovlev, the owner of AS Monaco FC to his ex wife Elena) or billionaire art dealers who pay out £1.5 billion lump sum settlement followed by £60 million a year for 13 years to their wives (Alex Wildenstein to his wife Joceylne aka The Bride of Wildenstein) fees of that sort are just a drop in the ocean.

Closer to home (and of more modest settlements) several acrimonious cases have led to substantial legal fees out of not so substantial family assets. In the case of JE (husband) v ZK (wife) [2015] EWHC B87 the matrimonial pot totalled £350,000 but the couple incurred costs totalling £120,000.  In the case of Chiva v Chiva [2014] EWCA Civ 1558, the costs before the matter went to appeal where more than 50% of the total value of the matrimonial pot (£415,659).  The wife incurred costs of £174,000 and the husband £60,000.  In Seagrove v Sullivan [2014] EWHC 4110 (Fam) the asset being argued over totalled £1 million but the costs incurred ended up being three times the value of the asset in question –  £1.3 million!

There are several options available when considering how best to sort out your matter and each have their own varying level of solicitor involvement and costs. Consider:-

  • Reaching an agreement between yourselves
  • Mediation and MIAMs
  • Collaborative Process
  • Arbitration
  • Lawyer negotiations on your behalf
  • Going to court

With this in mind we have designed flexible and competitive funding solutions, offering a range of fixed fees to suit all of our clients circumstances. We offer a range of clearly priced services, putting you in control.  Our Fixed Fee structures provide you with a guaranteed quote that will not change once agreed. Within the Fixed Fee structure we will fix the price of each stage of your matter so that you can be certain about the costs.  We tailor our fees to your individual needs and will ensure that we offer the best possible price to suit you.  You will get the support and expert legal advice you need, whilst allowing you to plan for the financial commitment of legal fees. Whether it is a detailed costs estimate for a pay as you go plan or only paying for advice on certain aspects of your matter, we make sure you remain in control of your legal costs.

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