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High Profile Divorces


It scarcely seems like a month goes by before another “high profile” celebrity relationship breakdown makes the headlines. Nonetheless the issues that celebrities face when their marriages end are often the same as those of lesser known couples living private, quieter lives.

At present the news seems ablaze with issues in relation to Anthony McPartlin and his estranged wife Lisa Armstrong and the unmarried former couple Cheryl and her former partner Liam Payne formerly of One Direction. Yet, if couples follow some thoughtful and common-sense principles these break-ups need not prove as painful or as expensive as they may other wise could be. In the agony of a relationship failing it is wise to anchor oneself to some principles that can hold one fast and stable in an otherwise traumatic time.

• Focus on your future – you cannot change the past but you can achieve a much more hopeful future with the right attitude
• Seek the right therapeutic support for you and where appropriate your children and your estranged partner
• Seek the right Resolution solicitor who you feel you can trust to be professional, transparent, wise, caring and experienced
• Allow yourself to follow your own journey of grief and adjustment but defy allowing bitterness and resentment to rule you
• Take time in making decisions as there is rarely any reason to rush
• Remember at all times that the over-arching principle for family finance cases is that of fairness
• Remember at all times the over-arching principle in children cases is what is best for the welfare of the children
• Ensure you are committed to full and frank disclosure as this creates trust and goodwill in the divorce finance dialogue
• Be respective of the other person even if you feel that is undeserved as that is the better way to protect the children
• If you do need to seek the assistance of the Court do not be afraid and remember judges’ care about people too.

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