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How Can We All Help Tackle Loneliness?

How Can We All Help Tackle Loneliness?

Here at Clarke and Son we have been working on various campaigns to help raise awareness of loneliness. Various reports are claiming that loneliness is becoming Britain’s most lethal condition, estimating that one in four people are suffering. Loneliness is thought to be on the increase due to the rise in ageing population, more people living alone and an increased culture of working from home.

Loneliness can have an impact on anyone, regardless of age, gender or background. It is something felt by most people at some point during their lives. Thankfully for most this feeling will pass. However, for some it will have a severe effect on their physical and mental health. Research has shown that loneliness can be worse for a person’s health than smoking 15 cigarettes a day and is reported to be a trigger for heart attacks, strokes, dementia and depression.

With the summer in full flow many people are looking forward to holidays, festivals, sporting events and seeing friends and family. However, for many the summer is a time of increased loneliness. The longer days, the sense of fun around you, hearing of other’s holidays and day trips, can create a sense of being left out, of longing and solitude.

The UK is working hard to help tackle the impact of this epidemic and coffee chain, Costa has recently introduced a new initiative that everyone can get involved with – the introduction of ‘Chatter and Natter’ tables in 300 branches across the UK. One table will be made available to customers on their own looking for someone to talk to which we think is an excellent idea.

We can all help to reduce the impact of this epidemic. We all see people sat alone in coffee shops, pass people in the street on a daily basis, and see people in shops and on the bus. Loneliness is a hidden problem so let’s all remember that when a person is feeling lonely, a short interaction with another person can really brighten a person’s day.

Clarke & Son’s campaign will be launching again soon, please help get involved.

Claire Redhead

Wills & Estate Planning Partner

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