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Is Your Employer Relocating And Offering A Settlement Agreement?

With recent announcements by a number of companies that they plan to relocate their Basingstoke operations, there will be a number of employees facing uncertainty. Our Employment expert Paul Cowdery looks at a scenario where this happens and a settlement agreement is offered.


 My employer has announced the office is relocating. I have been offered a role in the new location but cannot afford the commute costs. My employment will be terminated and I have been told I have to sign a document called a Settlement Agreement and get my own legal advice.  Why is this necessary? 


When an employment relationship ends, an employee will often be asked to sign a Settlement Agreement.  Principally this document records the terms of agreement between the employer and the employee and is generally intended to be in full and final settlement of any claims the employee may have relating to the termination of his or her employment.

As part of the process, the employee is required to take independent legal advice.  Normally the employer pays the cost of doing this as this step is necessary so that the Settlement Agreement is enforceable.

We are able to provide this advice to employees which includes explaining their legal rights and the impact of the Settlement Agreement.

You should, in any event, seek legal advice on your position if your employment is being brought to an end by your employer or in circumstances where you feel compelled to give notice yourself.

If you would like to discuss employment issues or specifically Settlement Agreements, then please contact Paul Cowdery Email: pcowdery@clarkeandson.co.uk on Tel: 01256 320 555.

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