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It’s time to sort out Christmas contact

It’s time to sort out Christmas contact

If you are a parent who does not live with your child then you should start thinking about agreeing Christmas contact now. You may think Christmas is too far away but many solicitors’ offices close just before the Christmas holidays and the Courts are extremely busy at that time too. Therefore, it is best to reach an agreement with the other parent well in advance. Also, dealing with the issue now means if an agreement can be reached then you can enjoy the lead up to Christmas and if an agreement cannot be reached then there is still plenty of time to make an application to the Court for a specific issue order.

Our top tips for arranging Christmas contact are:

1. Plan in advance and send your proposals to the other parent as soon as possible so that an agreement can be reached that is suitable for everyone. Do not leave it until December!

2. Consider whether it is appropriate for your child to split Christmas Day between both parents or whether it is better for your child to spend Christmas Day with one parent and Christmas Eve / Boxing Day with the other parent. If you both agree on the second option then it should usually alternate each year so that you get to spend Christmas Day with your child every other year.

3. It is a good idea to confirm your agreement in writing, by text message or email, to avoid any last-minute confusion.

4. If you are struggling with ideas for a gift then ask the other parent for a list or if your child is old enough then ask your child for a list of what they would like.

5. Be flexible and put your child first to make Christmas a happy time for them.

If you cannot reach an agreement about Christmas contact then get in touch with our family department for specialist legal advice as soon as possible. We currently offer all new family law clients a complimentary 30-minute initial consultation or a full hour with written confirmation of advice for £50 + VAT.

Varinder Bhandal

Family Law Solicitor

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