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Looking out for those that are vulnerable

Last Wednesday was “World Kindness Day”.  This isn’t necessarily anything that should be ‘new’ to us, as those that wish to be kind and considerate will do so all year around.  However, it did make me think that with our lives getting busier we often lose awareness of what is literally happening around us and, sadly, what is quite unkind.  I’ve heard of some truly terrible scams in a couple of Basingstoke car parks last week.  A couple of ladies were scammed into thinking their cards had been swallowed by the payment machine when, in fact, the perpetrator had stolen the card, having watched their PIN being entered, and stolen up to £500 (using their PINs) from the cashpoint each time.  I wonder how many people were walking through the car parks, blissfully unaware, checking their phones, and may have been able to do something.   Clearly, there are many more scams online which we cannot observe, merely educate.

Please be aware, particularly at this time of year, of any unusual persons or activity and don’t be afraid to ask someone “are you ok?”.  This might even make someone’s day.  It seems we are in a world where we have to question everything.

If you spot any unusual activity there are various organisations that can help, including Basingstoke Together Wardens and, indeed, the police (101 or 999 in an emergency).  If the issue relates to a scam or fraud (whether you have been affected or witnessed something) please report it to Action Fraud.

Clarke & Son has always been particularly passionate about ensuring our clients’ wellbeing is a priority and it is part of our holistic approach.  If you have any concerns regarding family members, friends, neighbours or anyone else then you can contact our Wills and Estate Planning Team – we may be able to help.  Of course, we can always offer advice on Powers of Attorney and other safe-guarding measures in a complimentary 30-minute appointment.  Please call our Wills and Estate Planning Team on 01256 320555 to find out more.

Helen Beach

Wills & Estate Planning Solicitor

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