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Optimum time for your property to be on the market is 12 days

Simon Pook, Head of Residential Property

– A new study by the HomeOwners Alliance has shown that this short amount of time proves to be the ideal window of opportunity for sellers getting the most out of their sale. To ensure a quick, smooth sale, you need to have an efficient solicitor on your side…

Homes that take 12 days to sell are the most likely to achieve their maximum asking price, research suggests.

Homeowners’ campaign body the HomeOwners Alliance looked at the relationship between the length of time that a property sits on the market for and the percentage of the asking price that it achieves.

Using data from more than 5,000 estate agency branches across Britain, it found the eventual price paid for a property peaked at 12 days. 

Read more: http://bit.ly/2kpSOiZ

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