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Settlement Agreement guide for employees

Step by step – Settlement Agreements – Guide for Employees During the Covid-19 Lockdown Period

To be valid, a Settlement Agreement requires the Employee to obtain independent legal advice setting out the consequences of signing such an Agreement. This is something we can assist with.

So, what happens after you contact us?

1 The first thing to mention is that everything will normally be dealt with without you having to attend the office.

2 Rebecca Ratcliffe will contact you to arrange an online meeting with Paul Cowdery, the legal advisor assisting with your matter.  Rebecca will explain how our fees will be paid before you instruct us.  We would require a copy of the Settlement Agreement and if available your Contract of Employment as well as details of your identification (in the form of a driving licence and passport) along with a ‘selfie’ photograph showing both your face and your ID clearly.

3 Before your meeting takes place, we will issue our Settlement Agreement Information Sheet. This will give you a flavour of what we would generally expect to find in a Settlement Agreement.  

4 At the ‘meeting’ we will go through the Settlement Agreement to ensure you understand each clause and the significance of it.

5 If you are happy with the Settlement Agreement as drafted, we can then proceed to get it signed and completed.  All this can be done using scanned signatures or even photographs of the signed Settlement Agreement.  We can also complete an Adviser’s Certificate remotely.

6 It may be the case that there are some amendments to be made in light of our advice.  In that regard, we would revert to your Employer and propose such amendments.  If there are no major points of contention, his will be done in a commercial manner with a view to resolving any issues to ensure that the terms of a Settlement Agreement satisfying both parties are agreed.

7 We deal with completion of the Settlement Agreement normally by email. 

8 Once the Settlement Agreement has been finalised, we would revert to your Employer regarding payment of the fees involved. The Settlement Agreement will set out the contribution your Employer will make to your legal fees.  Sometimes there are additional charges and if there is any concern about this it will be discussed with you at the outset or if circumstances change and will at all times be subject to your approval.

If you would like to speak to one of our team or book an appointment please call 01256 320555 or email mail@clarkeandson.co.uk.

Paul Cowdery & Rebecca Ratcliffe

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