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Stay healthy & happy during lockdown

We are 3 weeks in with a further 3 weeks of expected lockdown. This is a completely new scenario for a majority of us and has taken some getting used to. The severity of this virus really hit home here at Clarke & Son as we had team members go down with Covid-19.

What do we know so far?

People with symptoms of coronavirus have been advised to stay at home for at least 7 days and if you live with other people, they should stay at home for at least 14 days to avoid spreading the infection outside the home, and we have all been advised to limit our movements outside of our homes unless we are considered as being a Key Worker.

Having been living this way for over 3 weeks now, I wanted to share some tips and advice that I have found really useful. These have really helped me when all of a sudden I am doing everything from home, working, socialising and exercising:-

  • Structure your day and create a routine – I found sticking to a certain start time for work, lunch break and finish really helped me; almost like a normal working day, but just from home!
  • Create a number of separate work stations –a change of scenery each day has really helped me.
  • Schedule regular breaks – in the office there is normally a birthday to celebrate which means one thing, CAKE! Normally, this would mean it is time for a cup of tea so I make sure I stop during the day for a break from screen time and indulge in the vanilla sponge cakes I have been baking.
  • Stretch your legs every 20 minutes – Clarke & Son have started a ‘Stay Active’ campaign. I make sure I get up regularly to stretch my legs and go for a wander. In the office this might be walking to talk to a colleague or collect some printing. At home, it is to soak up a bit of sun as it has been so nice.
  • Have a drinking competition – see who can drink the most water in a day. We have a chalk board and we tally up the water intake. I am super competitive, but the main reason is I have found it gives me more energy.
  • Listen to your favourite music together – how can one person’s music taste be so eclectic, but I would much rather have my own Spotify playlist!!!
  • Declutter and get organised – this is not how I would normally spend my weekend, but it has been really nice to look through old photos, bag up some clothes for charity etc.
  • Learn a new skill be it knitting, painting or a new language – I have found a few online tutorials and am determined to knit something for my beautiful baby niece.
  • Reminisce by watching classic movies – I love a true crime / gangster type movie so I had to watch Gangs of New York, Casino and American Gangster!!!
  • Talk and express how you feel – definitely do not be afraid to tell whoever you are locked down with that you are having a good/bad day. You having a good day may pick them up just as much as if you are having a bad day they can help you.
  • Exercise regularly to release happy hormones – the daily exercise is something I really look forward to. I really look forward to our daily walk and with the weather being so nice it has been fantastic.
  • Cook your favourite meals together ensuring it is full of good nutrients – we have taken on the challenge of using everything we have in the cupboards and planning our meals. We are trying to avoid regular trips to the shops so it has been fun making nutritious meals with what we have – like Ready Steady Cook!
  • Sometimes, time apart is just as healthy as time together so set aside time to enjoy things you like to do or indulge yourself – I have been enjoying taking myself off to read The Secret Barrister or watch miniature cooking on YouTube which no one else seems to be amazed by other than me!

I hope this little insight to how I have coped with the lockdown helps. Most importantly, try to be kinder, nicer and more patient and understanding with your better half or anyone else you are in lockdown with during these very difficult and trying times.

Farah Khalid

Family Law Solicitor

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