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The end to the ‘Blame Game’

This week divorce laws in England and Wales were altered so couples can split faster, and it is hoped, with less acrimony.

Currently, one spouse must allege adultery or unreasonable behaviour by the other for the divorce proceedings to begin immediately. Now, they will only have to state that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. This will stop one partner refusing a divorce if the other wants one.

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Andrea Boulter, Head of Family Law responds:

“We in the dedicated team of solicitors specializing in family law at Clarke and Son in Basingstoke welcome the news that Parliament has listened to the  wisdom of the Supreme Court. Matrimonial law will be reformed to make divorce more amicable by creating a new regime of only no fault divorce. There will often be painful emotions in divorce on both sides but these are best handled therapeutically and not by the court system. The new regime should minimize tension in divorce and we are absolutely delighted that at long last this will happen.”

If you need advice regarding your matrimonial matters and would like to speak to me or a member of our family team call 01256 320555 or email aboulter@clarkeandson.co.uk. We currently offer all new family law clients initial consultation (1 hour) with written confirmation of advice for £100 plus VAT.





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