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New No Fault Divorce – The Final Countdown

No fault divorce count down

The new system launches at 10:00am on 6 April 2022

The old online system will stop accepting current fault-based divorces from 4:01pm on 31 March

Any urgent applications, and we mean urgent, must be received by the Court by 4:00pm on 5 April 2022

Any applications deemed not urgent or after 4:01pm on 5 April will be rejected.


The new changes will hopefully mean less arguing over who left the toilet seat up, or who was less than communicative at the breakfast table or who turned the milk sour in their morning coffee, than trying to reach a decision about their financial separation.


It should mean less animosity over who was to “blame” for the breakdown of the marriage and more focus on moving to an amicable agreement about child arrangements or finances.


I for one am hoping that the changes to the divorce law lives up to the expectation of removing animosity to help separating couples come to terms with the end of the marriage and consider the future.


Some key information:

  • There will no longer be a generic case number such as ZZ22Dxxxxx, but a 16 digit reference number which will be different for the divorce case and finances
  • Both spouses can make a joint application for a divorce – a legal first and is welcomed
  • The respondent spouse can no longer put a spanner in the works and delay the divorce except on legal technicalities such as they are already divorced
  • There will be a minimum timeframe for a divorce of 6 months + 1 day from the start to end


Previous posts can be found by Mark Champman and Jennifer Lee with more information.


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