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Wham bam divorce

So, I read in the news recently that it took 12 days for Pamela Anderson’s fifth marriage to break down. One cannot help but think what would happen here in the UK if after 12 days either the bride or groom decided that they had made a mistake and wanted a divorce.

Under any circumstances, a party in the UK cannot petition for divorce before one year has passed from the date of the marriage / civil ceremony. There are other solutions, but a divorce within the first year of the marriage is not possible. So what does one do? You should obtain specialist family law advice to ascertain what your options are, such as :-

  • A party can apply for a judicial separation or nullity within the first year of marriage.
  • A party can apply for financial support if the other spouse has failed to provide reasonable financial support for the party or a child of the family.
  • If a party is at risk of violence, they can be protected under a non-molestation or occupation order.
  • A divorce petition can rely on events that happened during that first year of the marriage. However, if the parties continue living together for a period (or periods) exceeding 6 months then they may be prohibited from relying on certain facts to support the breakdown of their marriage.
  • The petition can be prepared within the first year and the contents can be agreed with the other party with a view to filing it once a period of one year has passed from the date of the marriage.
  • Refer to the pre-nuptial agreement – wait, did you even enter into one?

Each case is so different and the advice you receive will depend on your circumstances. Therefore, if you are contemplating getting married or even divorced, you should seek specialist family law advice so that a family law solicitor can comprehensively advise you as to the course of action you should take or matters which you should consider. Our specialist family lawyers at Clarke & Son who have a wealth of experience can of course help so for more information, please contact Clarke & Son on 01256 320555.

Farah Khalid

Family Law Solicitor

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