Charlotte Jelley

– Spinnaker Tower Abseil

Anyone who knows me will know I am petrified of heights. However, my colleagues here have convinced me it is a good idea to take on the challenge of abseiling down the Spinnaker Tower. Not wanting to shy away from the challenge I am looking to raise as much money as possible for our partner charity the Ark Cancer Centre. It is great to see everyone getting involved in a challenge this year and I am looking forward to being part of it!

Hopefully, on the 27th August 2018 when I am 100 feet up at the top of the tower I won’t be regretting this!

Any donations are gratefully received. They can be made through The Good Exchange site which means 100% of the money will reach the charity. For example around 11% is lost if we went with Just Giving. So please take the time to register and donate here: