Darren Lovegrove

– Basingstoke Half Marathon, River Thames Bridges Walk & Movember

I have been involved the last couple of years with the fundraising efforts by Clarke & Son for the Ark and am keen to add to this in 2018. This cancer treatment centre is hugely important and I have seen first-hand the journey that patients have to currently make to Southampton and Guildford for treatment. If this journey can be eradicated and the patients be made more comfortable then this would be a fantastic step forward.

Currently I am signed up to run the Basingstoke Half Marathon in October and to grow a terrible moustache in November as well as the Thames Bridge walk! Having done the half marathon in 2017 I vowed to never run again as it was so difficult. Anyway the pain has clearly been forgotten so my challenge is to complete it in under 2 hours. I may have to train this time!!

Any donations are gratefully received. They can be made through The Good Exchange site which means 100% of the money will reach the charity. For example around 11% is lost if we went with Just Giving. So please take the time to register and donate here: