Duties and Responsibilities of a Charity Trustee

Please see our checklist below for everything you need to think about when you are a trustee for a charity:


Trustees have overall legal responsibility for the charity by ensuring that:

  • the charity achieves its purpose;
  • the assets in the charity are protected and used exclusively to pursue its purpose;
  • the charity complies with the Law in its governing documents;
  • the charity remains solvent and is not exposed to undue risk.

General Duties


  • first of all have a duty of care to act reasonably and prudently. This duty is higher in arears where of their own expertise;
  • must at all times act in the best interests of the charity and beneficiaries;
  • must take advice when they are not confident about making a decision;
  • make avoid conflicts between their personal interests and the interests of the charity;
  • must not profit from their role unless it has been specifically allowed.


Decision Making

  • The Trustees Board must take decisions collectively;
  • the Trustees must not take decisions independently unless the governing document or statutory provisions and the Trustee Board give them authority;
  • the Trustee Board must meet as often as necessary to carry out the responsibilities.


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