Gemma Dixon

– Spinnaker Tower Abseil

Why am I doing this challenge? Either directly or indirectly, absolutely everyone is affected by Cancer and families are destroyed by this devastating disease. The research and care nowadays is amazing but it’s only amazing because of the money being raised. We have to raise more in the hope that one day Cancer can be cured and will be a thing of the past. Spinnaker Tower is 115 metres tall, I have made it my personal target to raise £5 per metre meaining an aim of £575! Anything above this will be an added bonus!

Even though I like heights, this challenge will be a personal one for me and with support from you, I will succeed.

Any donations are gratefully received. They can be made through The Good Exchange site which means 100% of the money will reach the charity. For example around 11% is lost if we went with Just Giving. So please take the time to register and donate here: