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Our Pathway to Net-Zero

Climate Essentials Net Zero

At the beginning of 2023, Clarke and Son Solicitors were selected for the Climate Essentials Pilot scheme through Basingstoke Council along with nine other businesses from Basingstoke and Dean. The objective of the scheme is to help forge a path to net-zero carbon emissions.

The first stage involved calculating our current carbon emissions by reviewing historic data. This provided a full report which gave us a starting point to calculate our carbon reduction strategy going forward. We have a goal to be net-zero by 2028, if not sooner. Simple adjustments such as switching to LED lighting, switching off devices to reduce phantom consumption and switching to a renewable energy provider have already been made.

We want our business to have a lower environmental impact while still working efficiently. We are encouraging staff to use public transport for commuting as well as client visits where possible. Other ideas include implementing meatless days for employees as this can have a huge effect of our carbon footprint as a firm.

Our employees are always encouraged to make small, simple changes such as recycling where possible, using reusable coffee cups and avoid using single use dishes and cutlery. We are hoping to become paperless soon with the majority of files being stored digitally.

We have really enjoyed working with the team at Climate Essentials on this really important project and recognise the importance of making changes now to reduce our emissions rather than just offsetting the emissions. The whole firm are embracing the new changes and we are passionate about achieving out net-zero target by the end of 2028.

Our experience with Climate Essentials has been invaluable. To be aware of our carbon consumption is highly important but to be aware of the some of the simple ways to reduce our consumption is crucial.

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