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Commercial Real Estate

At Clarke & Son, our experienced solicitors advise on a number of commercial real estate matters offering practical legal advice to local, national and international clients. 

Our Commercial Real Estate team cover all different aspects of commercial property. Our expert team can help you with:

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Property Investment
  • Landlord and Tenant matters
  • Property Management

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Commercial Real Estate

Our Commercial Real Estate team has many years of experience and knowledge. This enables us to settle matters quickly offering sensible and practical advice to our clients. Our team has an enthusiasm to understand your business and a commitment to clear, jargon-free communication with you. We do not get involved in unnecessary “point scoring” in negotiations which can often frustrate clients whose commercial objectives are paramount to us during a transaction.

We can assist you in all aspects of Commercial Real Estate including the following:-

  • Buying and selling freehold and leasehold commercial property
  • The granting, acquiring and renewal of Leases
  • Property management including licences to assign, underlet or alter
  • Land acquisition for commercial or residential development
  • Land development options, overage and planning agreements
  • Mortgages and re-mortgages
  • Property Disputes
  • Dilapidations

Property Investment

Our team of expert solicitors can help with all manner of property investment. Whether you are an individual looking to build up a commercial property portfolio using pension or other funding or a business seeking to acquire commercial properties for investment or business use, we can assist you in your decision making.

As a firm we offer sensible, practical advice and appreciate that timing can be critical.  We like to work closely with you to understand your needs. Our team makes certain that you are fully aware of each stage of the process through to completion. As a result of this we aim for a smooth transaction.

When selling your property investment, we ensure that title information and all other documents are gathered quickly and presented to the buyer’s solicitors in a manner which will avoid unnecessary delays.

You can rely on us whether you are selling or buying. The attention to detail is paramount and our response times are quick. Your property investment is our priority. Unnecessary delays can cause a seller or buyer to lose their appetite for the deal. We strive to keep everyone focused on the required outcome.

Landlord & Tenant

As a landlord or a tenant we can assist you offering sensible and practical advice. Therefore this includes a landlord of an investment property wishing to grant a lease. As well as a tenant looking to acquire commercial premises for your business.

We have many years of experience in acting for high profile landlord and tenants including a large international retailer with numerous household brands within its retail portfolio.

When acquiring or granting leases we consider that our experience enables us to achieve the optimum terms for our clients within tight timeframes without alienating landlords/tenants or their solicitors.

As a firm we encourage our clients to involve us prior to agreeing the “Heads of Terms” so that potential issues are ironed out before our involvement with the legal documentation.  We take care to assess each client’s needs and will seek to add value for our clients wherever possible.

We can assist you with the following:-

  • The granting and acquiring of leases and tenancy agreements
  • Dealing with documents associated with the grant of a lease including rent deposit deeds, licences to alter, licences to underlet and licences to carry out works
  • Rent review memoranda
  • Subleases
  • Lease renewals
  • Short term tenancy agreements
  • Deeds of Variation

Property Management

Property management is an important aspect of all Commercial Real Estate. Therefore all commercial property investments need to be managed efficiently. This will help maximise the investment value and we have the necessary experience to assist you in such matters.

Our team can help with new leases, renewal leases, concessions arrangements or simple licences to assign, underlet or alter. We can assist to ensure the efficient day to day property management of your investment. Furthermore as a result we make sure it is not compromised in any way.

Once a lease is granted, we would expect very few issues to arise during the term of the lease, but with break clauses, rent reviews, service charges and dilapidations to consider, a quick telephone conversation with us can quite often head off potential issues and avoid unnecessary litigation.

We are aware that existing clients have concerns about calling their solicitors for telephone advice. Hence believing that once the phone is down they will receive a bill for advice given.  We do not work in that manner and believe that once a matter has been completed, part of our remit is to be available for clients throughout the term of a lease to assist with any practical advice where needed. If as a result of our advice further work is necessary then we would agree our charges with you first.

Commercial Real Estate Team

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