Credit Control & Debt Collection

Credit Control & Debt Collection

Credit Control & Debt Collection

The last thing any business owner wants to worry about is debt collection. However as we all know cash flow is crucial so getting paid for what you have done or supplied is critical.

For businesses, the first thing we say is get your Terms of Business right at the outset.  We can prepare these for you.  If everything is clear at the outset then hopefully there will be no issues down the line.

Once a bill or invoice has been submitted, you need to keep an eye on your credit control to ensure payment is received.  We can help you with a simple credit control system for you to use internally.

If this does not work, and depending on the commercial sensitivities of the matter, you may wish then to involve us – we can send a letter before claim referring to the amount due, interest and late payment charges now payable and requiring full payment to be made within a specific period of time (for example seven days) failing which Court action will be required.

We will do this work for a fixed fee.  To enable us to do this we have a form which we ask is completed and sent to us which then provides the information we need to process the letter before claim.

In most cases this is sufficient to deal with any problem. In some cases we need to see the threat through and issue Court action.  Again we will give you a fixed fee estimate to cover the costs involved in issuing a claim.

Of course it is important to consider the financial status of the creditor at an early stage.  We have access to certain reporting which can help you understand the prospects of recovery.  Although it is not palatable to write off outstanding bills, there is little point commercially in pursuing recovery if the creditor is insolvent.

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