Employment Law

Employment Law

Whatever your business, if you have people working for you it is always reassuring if you have the confidence of reliable employment law advice from your solicitor.

We understand you want to be sure that you are complying with legal obligations as an employer. This can mean having the right processes in place to manage your workforce in a fair and effective way.

You need to spend time on employment law issues. That is inevitable. However you want to manage that time to ensure it is productive for your business. Having good processes and a fair approach can ensure you can retain your focus on what is best for your business.

We can help provide a full support service for your employment law needs. This can range from the day to day tasks such as checking and preparing contracts and processes to one off advice when something unusual happens.

Our aim is to ensure your employment law processes are straightforward to manage. We will adapt to the requirements of your business to ensure that we provide the support and service you need.

If you have a query or would like to book an appointment please get in touch with our team on 01256 320555 or email mail@clarkeandson.co.uk.


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