Restructuring and Redundancy

Restructuring and Redundancy

Businesses are often faced with having to make changes which will lead to having to consider a restructure or reduction in workforce.

What is critical throughout this process is to ensure that an employer deals with his employees fairly.  It is vital to follow proper procedures and to engage in meaningful consultation throughout the process. The benefit of this is that when redundancy decisions are made the employer is in the best position possible to resist a claim for unfair dismissal.

Indeed, in our experience, if proper procedures are followed then whilst employees may be unhappy they will often understand the reasons why the employer needs to act as it does and as a consequence are prepared to move forward without bringing a claim.

This situation can then be secured from both the point of view of the employer. As well as  the employee by having an effective settlement agreement in place.

By having good processes in place already then the need for legal advice is limited.  Where you choose to achieve finality you can instruct Clarke & Son to help prepare the settlement agreement.

Should you have questions, preferably before commencing the process, then we will be able to guide and assist you in planning the way forward.

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