Injury Claims

Injury Claims

Everyone has heard of the ‘compensation culture’. That phrase can be misleading because it has a resonance that claims are brought without any regard to the merits. That is not our approach. Firstly, we act for both Claimants and Defendants and use our expertise to give a discerning opinion. Secondly, we advise as to the prospects of a successful injury claim or defence to a claim. From our experience in the majority of cases where a claim has merit, all parties will co-operate to achieve an early and reasonable settlement.

We have advised in relation to many types of accident claims, including accidents at work, road traffic accidents, occupiers’ liability claims and disease claims. In addition to Animals Act claims, fatal accident claims and many others.  We can help businesses and individuals manage those claims.

You should always check first if you have the benefit of legal expenses insurance cover. This can be through a specific policy or under the terms of home insurance.  If you are a prospective Defendant, you may well have liability cover. Therefore we would recommend you contact your insurer immediately.  If this is the case the insurer may seek to refer you to a panel firm.  In practice most cases for claims and in some instances for defending a claim, you can insist on a free choice of solicitor.

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