Covid-19 Divorce Enquiries

Covid-19 Divorce Enquiries

Does the following scenario sound familiar?

You’ve realised your marriage is over and perhaps have done for some time but the current Covid-19 crisis means you’re at home with your spouse. You want advice but you don’t know how to get it. You’re both at home 24/7. There’s no privacy so you can’t pick up the phone and speak to a matrimonial lawyer in confidence. You’ve got no idea how long you’re going to have to remain in lockdown but you need help now, if only for peace of mind.

Pre and post Covid-19, normally you would make an initial enquiry, perhaps via email, and we’d arrange to have a general chat on the phone first, to help us understand the unique circumstances that you find yourself in. You would give us answers to a number of questions and we would sign-post the road ahead for you.

We recognise that this may simply be impossible / impractical when your spouse is in the room next door.

As such, you should email us with the following information and in turn we will email you back with some general legal principles based on your own circumstances so that you have a better idea of what you may need to do once all of this is over. If at all possible, we will even arrange to speak with you on the phone outside of the normal business hours, and to include weekends, if that is going to be convenient to you because you know your spouse will be out of the house at that time. We will though not call a landline number but only a personal mobile.

Please email us the following information in this format:

1.Your full name, address and date of birth;

2.Your spouse’s full name and date of birth;

3.The full names and dates of birth of any children to the marriage;

4.The date of marriage and where relevant the date that you began cohabiting prior to marrying;

5.Your reasons for wanting a divorce (to save on time for you, keep the examples to no more than 6 in number);

6.Whether you own your home or not, and if owned, it’s possible value (this can be a best guess or a Zoopla type indication) and if the property is subject to a mortgage, the amount owing;

7.What other assets you and your spouse may own, either individually or jointly and what pensions you may have;

8.What money you may owe apart from the mortgage, and to whom it is owed (credit cards / unsecured borrowing / inter-family loans;

9.If you work, your job title, gross annual salary and whether you receive any employee benefits, to include discretionary bonuses, and the same information (or best guess) for your spouse;

10.Once C-19 has passed, where you see yourself living, either with or without the children and within what time frames you would hope matters could be resolved;

11.How you would fund the legal costs;

12.Any other information that may be of relevance.

You should email, the Head of our Family Team, who will then move things forward with you.