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Divorce, dissolution or separation can be very stressful. You should make sure you have all the information and support you need.  There will be many issues to consider and resolve not least of which include sorting out the finances and arrangements for the children.  This can become an additional stress during this time.

Divorce follows a chronological process with various forms being completed and sent to court. We can help you with this and will explain exactly what is required.  Just as with divorce, there is a particular legal process for ending a civil partnership – often known as civil partnership dissolution.

We can also help you with

  • Financial settlements and spousal maintenance
  • Child arrangements
  • Commencing or responding to formal divorce applications
  • Jurisdictional issues
  • Religious divorces
  • Annulments of marriages
  • Less formal separation arrangements including the drafting of separation agreements
  • Less formal judicial separation proceedings

Divorce Application

We offer a fixed fee for assisting clients who are going to be the Applicant, or a Joint Applicant on a divorce application.
The fixed fee is £500 + VAT + the Court fee (currently £593).
For those who are going to the Respondent on a divorce application, the work will be charged at the current rate of the
solicitor acting for you. Generally speaking less work is required to assist a Respondent on a divorce application.

No Fault Divorce

  • Since 6th April 2022, it has been possible to issue a divorce application without the need to allege fault. The sole ground for a
    divorce, irretrievable breakdown of a marriage remains but the need to establish one of the previous five facts has been
  • Spouses still have to wait at least 1 year after the date of their marriage before applying for a divorce;
  • One spouse can make a sole application or alternatively, both spouses can make a joint application;
  • If a sole application is made, the other spouse is unable to contest that application and the divorce will proceed unchallenged;
  • There is a minimum statutory time frame from the start of the divorce process “the application” being issued to
    pronouncement of the Conditional Order (previously known as Decree Nisi) of 20 weeks or 5 months;
  • The previous “cooling off period” between pronouncement of Conditional Order and the Final Divorce Order (previously
    known as Decree Absolute) of 6 weeks plus 1 day remains;
  • The minimum timeframes for a divorce are now 6 months plus 1 day from the date that the divorce application was issued by
    the Court, save for some circumstances where the timeframes can be shortened upon a separate application to the Court.

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