Administration of Estates


Sometimes people dies without leaving a Will. In this instance you might need to apply to court for a Grant of Letters of Administration. This will enable us to be able to deal with the assets in the estate. Where there is a Will it outlines the wishes of the Deceased, but where there is no Will, then the law decides on who should be the personal representative of the estate and the beneficiaries.  In order to administer the estate under the intestacy rules the personal representative / administrator may need the official authority of the Grant to act. Sometimes, depending on the nature and value of the assets in the estate a Grant of Letters of Administration may not be required and we can advise you on this during an initial free consultation.

We can help you determine what should be done in order to administer the estate based on law. We can advise on how to collate the assets and liabilities in the estate, advise on the interpretation of the intestacy rules, prepare the application documentation for the Grant including forms for the Inland Revenue, pay taxes and draft Estate Accounts and advise on the distribution of assets.

There may be additional advice required concerning taxation and post death variations.

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