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At Clarke & Son, we advise and support clients with the application process and eligibility criteria for the NHS Continuing Healthcare package of care. 

NHS Continuing Healthcare is a package of care which is arranged and fully funded by the NHS.

The application process for NHS Continuing Healthcare can seem daunting and complex and the eligibility criteria can seem confusing. At times decisions made by the NHS can appear wrong and unjust. We can assist you with your application, or appeal. We can explain the eligibility criteria and talk you through the process.

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Our experienced solicitors are on hand to offer advice. Contact one of the team to discuss your application. This can be at the start of the process if there has been a failure by the NHS to undertake an assessment or in cases where the NHS has conducted an assessment incorrectly.

Our experienced solicitors offer a supportive and informative approach with clients ensuring they know what to expect during every step of the application process.

Any person with a significant healthcare need can be assessed. The assessment is non-means tested. No financial assessment will be undertaken.

The criteria for eligibility are based upon a person’s health and care need and therefore not everyone requiring care will be eligible.

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