Court of Protection Deputyship Application

Court of Protection Deputyship Application

When making application for a Deputyship the first thing to establish is that the person does not have the capacity to make the decision within the definition of The Mental Capacity Act 2005.  The Court will need to be satisfied that it has jurisdiction to make a decision about a person and so the Court will require a Medical Capacity Assessment Certificate to be completed before it will take any action.  This is obtained in writing by the person’s GP or consultant or another relevant party who is permitted to complete such an assessment that the Court will recognise.  The capacity assessment must be obtained as soon as possible to confirm what action is needed with regard to the best interests of the person.

There are then various application forms and supporting information which is required for the application to the Court for a Deputy to be appointed to look after the client’s financial affairs or to make health and welfare decisions.

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