There are several varieties of Trusts. However there are two main kinds of Trusts namely a Discretionary Trust and a Life Interest Trust.

Discretionary Trust

Trustees will run the trust. First of all the main feature of this Trust is that there is a class of beneficiaries i.e. more than one beneficiary. The Trustees must run and administer the Trust in the interests of all parties.  There is sometimes a Letter of Wishes with the Trust. This is a document setting out how the Settlor intended the Trust to run.

Life Interest Trust

This Trust is designed to primarily protect the Life Tenant namely the person who gets to live in the Trust property or receive the income from the Trust Fund. The capital, whether it is property, investments or money, is maintained for the capital beneficiaries who receive the Trust Fund once the Life Tenant has died.

Both Discretionary and Life Interest Trusts can sometimes be set up on death by a Will or set up separately by a Trust deed or document.  There are various rules with regard to how the Trusts should be administered and there is further information contained within our web pages concerning the duties and responsibilities of a Trustee.

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